Luigi De Gennaro

Department of Psychology, University of Rome "Sapienza", Rome, Italy

Dr. Luigi De Gennaro is Full Professor of Physiological Psychology at the Department of Psychology - University of Rome "Sapienza", and Director of the Sleep Laboratory of University of Rome Sapienza. De Gennaro is Author of more than 130 articles on international peer-reviewed journals. He is Associate Editor of Journal of Sleep Research, and member of the Editorial Board of many journals.

His main Topics in Sleep Research are: (1) Neurophysiology (Heritability, Excitability of motor cortex, Cortico-Hippocampal networks, Corpus callosum, Sleep fragmentation, Sleep onset, Sleep inertia, Sleepiness, Oculomotor system, Placebo effect, Dream recall, Personality correlates of dreaming, Sptial learning and memory, Exposure to GSM fields); Pathologies (Sleep disorders; Depression; Alzheimer Disease) Ongoing projects: Neurobiological bases of dream recall, Macrostructural and microstructural changes of sleep in dyslexia; STAND-ALONE: "STand AND wALk". OptimiziNg agency of Exoskeleton in spinal cord injury (SCI) patients, and the impact of prosthetic learning on sleep EEG topography, Cortico-Hippocampal EEG activity in humans (and relation with memory consolidation); Neurophysiology of sleep disorders (a. misperception; b. hypersomnia; c. primary insomnia); Cortical topography of sleep in neurodegenerative disorders [a. Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI); b. Alzheimer diesease (AD)]