Xiuting Li, PhD

Department of Science and Education, Nanjing Prevention and Treatment Center for Occupational Diseases, Nanjing, China

Dr. Xiuting Li has graduated from Nanjing Medical University, majoring in public health. She especially focuses on the occupational health and body damage from occupational risk factors, such as radiation, noise, heavy metals, environmental endocrine disrupters etc. In the past five years, she has found the association between some gene polymorphisms and occupational hearing loss.

Dr. Li has participated in some research projects during her studying and working career, including Jiangsu Provincial Medical Youth Talent Project, Nanjing Medical Science and Technology Development Foundation, Jiangsu Provincial Medical Innovation Team. As the first author, she has published 10 papers in English in Science Citation Index or key Chinese journals. Also, she has edited a book pesticide toxicity manual as the co-author, which has been published by Chinese Science Press in 2016.