Feng Zhang

Department of Technological Development, Jiangsu Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Nanjing, China

Dr. Feng Zhang graduated from China Pharmaceutical University in 2007, majoring in pharmaceutical analysis. Now he is the secretary of Occupational Hygiene Professional Committee of Jiangsu Preventive Medicine Associations and the member of Occupational Hygiene Determination Group of Chinese Preventive Medicine Associations. He has presided over three projects in the city level, and participated in two national standards formulation and won two scientific and technological achievements in the city level.

As a scholar, he has been engaging in research on occupational hygiene and poisoning for many years, especially in the relationship between the concentration of harmful factors in workshop and the health damage of exposure. In 2016, the project "Occupational Exposure Limit for Glyphosate" was listed in Jiangsu Program for Young Medical Talents and supported by the Jiangsu Provincial Family Planning Commission. He actively participated in the scientific research and knowledge education of emergency response of chemical poisoning. Also, he was employed as an out of school tutor at Southeast University. Till now, he has published more than ten papers in core journals of China and SCI journals as the first author.