Jari Antero Laukkanen, MD, PhD, FESC

Department of Medicine, Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition, University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio, Finland

Professor, Jari A. Laukkanen, MD, PhD,FESC, is a cardiologist with the long-term interest on cardiovascular risk factors, exercise and fitness-related research aims to improve cardiovascular health. His previous research has shown the relevance of physical activity, cardiorespiratory fitness, exercise testing, blood pressure, lipid and non-lipid metabolites in relation to vascular and non-vascular outcomes in general population. His coming studies are centered on investigating the role of emerging cardio-metabolic risk factors in relation to the future incidence of cardiovascular disease (CVD) outcomes, which include coronary heart disease, sudden cardiac death, cardiac arrhythmias (ventricular and atrial fibrillation), and heart failure. Principally the overarching aim of his research is improving cardiovascular risk prediction through better identification of clinically relevant risk factors for CVD outcomes, especially for sudden cardiac death. Using risk prediction algorithms, it will allow for appropriate screening of individuals and help tailor therapeutic life-style interventions for those identified as being at the highest risk for CVD and sudden cardiac death. Research aims of the ongoing collaboration projects are optimizing the identification of higher risk populations to improve prevention of atherosclerotic CVDs and the risk of sudden cardiac death. His international research team network promotes the idea of holistic health and wellbeing, with research topics from areas of medicine, culture, exercise and health sciences.