Lei Ma

Beijing Heron Science & Technology Co. Ltd, China

Lei Ma is the CEO of Beijing Heron Science & Technology Co. Ltd. She began her career in occupational health in 2002; since then, she and her company have successfully introduced the products and technology of Thermo Fisher, Sensidyne, and Quest into Chinese market. She contributed the "Part Two: Physical Factors" of the “Occupational Exposure Limits for Hazardous Factors in the Workplaces” (GB Z 2.2-2007) and the "Part Seven: High Temperature", "Part Eight: Noise", and "Part Nine: Hand-transmitted Vibration" of the "Measurement of Physical Factors in the Workplaces" (GB Z T 189.7-2007) in the National Standard on Occupational Health.

Also, she participated (and provided technical support for) the development of the Method for Rapid Detection of Dust Concentration in the Air of Workplaces (the light-scattering method) (AQ 268-2015).