Ubydul Haque, BURP, MSc, PhD

Department of Geography and Emerging Pathogens Institute, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA

Dr. Ubydul Haque has a commitment for diversity, volunteering, teaching and research. In 2004, Dr. Haque completed his undergraduate at Khulna University, Bangladesh with a major in urban planning. His Masters was on geodesy and geoinformatics from the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, and his PhD on climate change and health from Nagasaki University, Japan in 2012. He was also a guest PhD student in Norway for a year before moving to Johns Hopkins University for his Postdoc. His research has been on global health with a focus on malaria epidemiology in Asia, Africa and Latin American countries, and understanding the relationship between climate change and deadly landslides all over the globe. He is also helping to evaluate national malaria control programs in Asian and African countries. He has been a reviewer for 30 scientific journals. Dr. Haque plans to continue his role as an academician and lifelong learner through the expansion of the leadership and medical geography curriculum, as well as his global health research, to better understand how to reduce risk and improve global health.