Focused Issue on Publication and Public Health

Posted On 2018-01-16 03:09:15

Guest Editor:
Tom Lang, MA, Principal
Tom Lang Communications and Training International, Seattle Washington, USA

The main purpose for this focused issue:

1. To discuss how to write a better research article;
2. To discuss how to properly document their research and statistical analyses;
3. To discuss how to prepare tables, graphs, and images for publication;
4. To discuss what ethical issues need to be addressed;
5. To discuss how to choose a journal;
6. To discuss how to communicate with the journal throughout the publishing process.


Introduction to the special issue on publishing in public health journals

Tom Lang


Review Article

Reporting the methods used in public health research and practice

Donna F. Stroup1*, C. Kay Smith2*, Benedict I. Truman2*


Ethical treatment of participants in public health research

Ghada K. Al Tajir


How to Report the Results of Public Health Research

Farrokh Habibzadeh1,2


Preparing Better Graphs

Laura King


Preparing better tables

Wei Liu


Choosing and communicating with journals

Thomas A. Lang