The role of social and mainstream media during storms

Osman Ulvi, Nathan Lippincott, Modasser Hossain Khan, Patrick Mehal, Morgan Bass, Kelsey Lambert, Elizabeth Lentz, Ubydul Haque


Social media use dramatically increases when natural disasters such as cyclones, hurricanes, or typhoons occur. However, social media is somewhat of a new concept and there is little knowledge about the effect of social media on these traumatic events. In this study, we will investigate the roles of social media and mainstream media on hurricanes and how they may potentially have a bigger impact. A systematic review was conducted to obtain information about the impact of hurricanes on public health. More specifically effected individuals, their families, communities, cities and regions will be looked at with regards to social media use. Twelve different studies were read to obtain information on the positive and negative effects of social media during a hurricane. Influences and risk factors of media and their role on the distribution of information were observed. Social media platforms helped spread awareness, support, and warnings. Social media has shown to have impactful effects during tropical storms around the world. Public health professionals and emergency response team should utilize social media in relief for victims.