Assessment of pathology trainees’ satisfaction: results of a survey from Sudan

Azza A. Zulfu, Shaza K. Abass, Haitham Awadalla, Sawsan Abdel Raheem Babiker, Mohamed H. Ahmed


Background: Assessment of students, trainees and graduate’s satisfaction in medical education and clinical training is an important guide for the improvement of educational and training programs. The objective of this study is to assess the satisfaction of histopathology graduates with the training in the MD pathology program, Medical and Health Studies Board (MHSB) University of Khartoum (UofK).
Methods: This is a cross-sectional study conducted at the University of Khartoum Graduate College/MHSB/MD pathology program, within the period from September to December 2017. Fifteen graduates were surveyed using a closed-ended unipolar 5 grade Likert’s scale, through a self -administered questionnaire covering 15 areas and 33 items of pathology training. Areas covered were: program entry examination, part one two years course, induction, the content of learning, learning methods, duration of the rotation, organization and management of learning activities, laboratory management, research experience, educational and clinical supervision, hand over, communication, professionalism, assessment, and overall satisfaction.
Results: Results of assessment of satisfaction with the 15 areas can be grouped into three groups: the first group composes of areas with good satisfaction (five areas): Handover 93.7%, entry examination 86.75%, research experience 80%, learning methods 73.3%, and assessment 70.8%. The second group with moderate satisfaction (five areas) each scored 66.7%: Organization, laboratory management, supervision, communication, and overall satisfaction. The third group reflecting areas of dissatisfaction and scores was less than 50% (areas were induction, part one course, duration of training, teaching about professionalism and learning content).
Conclusions: Overall, the graduates have a good level of satisfaction with postgraduate pathology training. Future reform of the histopathology curriculum will help to increase graduate’s satisfaction and will consequently result in improving pathology training and services.