Article Abstract

First imported case of Zika virus infection into Jiangsu Province, China, returning from Ecuador

Authors: Jianli Hu, Xiling Guo, Zhifeng Li, Ping Ma, Zhongming Tan, Guobin Zhang, Yufu Zhang, Xiaolei Ji, Yongjun Jiao, Haodi Huang, Yiyue Ge, Tao Wu, Xiang Huo


We report a case of laboratory-confirmed Zika virus (ZIKV) infection imported into China from Ecuador. This is the first documented imported case with ZIKV infection into Jiangsu, and the first imported case into China from Ecuador nationwide. The patient developed fever, rash, conjunctivitis and joint pain after returning. However, due to the less specific clinical symptoms and lack of quick diagnostic methods in elementary healthcare facilities, this imported case was not identified during her first two medical consultations. ZIKV RNA was detected in the urine sample rather than serum sample of the case, and anti-ZIKV IgM was detected from her serum samples collected 4 and 6 days after her onset of symptom. Case isolation and clearance of mosquito-breeding places were implemented instantly when the case was identified. No more human infections were found during a follow-up of 14 days since the case’s isolation. This incident highlights the important role of urine sample in the diagnosis of ZIKV infection and the urgent need for efficient rapid diagnostic method for clinical healthcare providers.