Article Abstract

Judgment for cause of radiogenic neoplasms for a thyroid cancer

Authors: Yongchun Qin, Jin Wang, Yimei Zhang, Xiaomin Zhu, Ningle Yu


Background: Radiogenic neoplasms due to occupational exposure can be identified as occupational radiogenic neoplasms. We investigate the etiology of cancer in a patient with thyroid carcinoma.
Methods: Organ dose was estimated based on the individual monitoring results, or according to GB/T 16149-2012 “Specification of dose estimation for chronic radiation sickness from external exposure” when no individual dose was provided; PC (probability of causation) was calculated according to GBZ97-2009 “Judgment criteria for cause of radiogenic neoplasms”.
Results: The estimated cumulative dose was 20.4 cGy, organ dose of thyroid was 38.1 cGy, PC value from occupational exposure was about 37.8%, with its upper limit of the 95% confidence level was 82.6%.
Conclusions: The case can be judged as radiogenic neoplasm as the upper limit of the 95% confidence PC value is more than 50%. More attention should be paid to the examination of thyroid palpation and the thyroid B ultrasound for radiation workers, especially for those high-risk individuals engaged in radiation work in their early years.