Article Abstract

Association between endocrine function and radiation exposure

Authors: Xiuting Li, Baoli Zhu, Lei Tu, Pengfei Yu, Haiyan Song, Xin Liu, Liangliang Zhao, Wenhui Guo, Tongtong Zhao, Jing Liu, Ying Cao, Jun Wang, Dandan Yang


Background: To observe the relationship of change in endocrine function within radiation exposure and try to evaluate the correlated factors about thyroid function and glucose metabolism.
Methods: A total of 1,784 subjects from physical examination organization for occupational health from year 2015 to 2016 were investigated.
Results: The abnormal proportion of T3 and T4 of female were higher than male. Glucose level showed a significant increase in overweight (5.35±1.01) and decrease in underweight group (4.77±0.47) compared with normal group (5.05±0.85). Subjects whose exposure time longer than 3 years were likely to get higher T4 level than those less than 3 years (P<0.05) and serum T4 was significantly associated with body mass index (BMI) in the T4 normal group.
Conclusions: Changes in thyroid function and glucose metabolism may appear after long time exposure to radiation.