Article Abstract

Survey of patients’ CT radiation dose in Jiangsu Province

Authors: Yuanyuan Zhou, Chunyong Yang, Xingjiang Cao, Xiang Du, Ningle Yu, Xianfeng Zhou, Baoli Zhu, Jin Wang


Background: Through investigating 245 adult patients’ CT scanning conditions and the radiation dose, to analysis the patients’ radiation dose level of CT examination in Jiangsu Province.
Methods: We investigated 245 patients’ CT scanning parameters from eight different hospitals of five cities in Jiangsu Province, collected and measured the CT dose index (CTDI), weighted CT dose index (CTDIw) and dose-length-product (DLP) by using standard adult dose model under the same scanning conditions, then estimated the effective doses(E) with transformation coefficient.
Results: The CTDIw values of patients’ head, chest and abdomen scanning were lower than the national reference level. The third quartile (75%) DLP of 245 patients’ head and chest scanning were close to IAEA’s reference level, and the abdomen scanning value was lower than IAEA and other foreign research data.
Conclusions: At present the CT scanning doses level of Jiangsu Province is lower than the national standard. It is conducive to the realization of the optimization of medical radiation protection with reasonable optimization of CT scanning parameters and improving the level of medical radiation dose reference.